DESIGN, BUILD, SELL, and SERVICE ALL on a Single Platform

Customer 360 + Product 360 = Customer-centric products

Today’s customer demands a lot from their products: more innovation, faster time to market, higher quality, and a seamless experience. But meeting these expectations is increasingly difficult in a design anywhere, build anywhere, and sell anywhere world. Manufacturers know that visibility, collaboration, and process automation across the entire value chain are key to winning in this environment. That’s why more and more manufacturers are relying on the Salesforce platform to unite Design, Engineering, Operations, Quality, Sales, Service — and everybody else in the value chain — to realize their goals of delivering high quality customer-centric products. 50% faster time to market, 25% faster case resolution and 50% higher margins: real value only Salesforce Customer 360 + Propel Product 360 can deliver.

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Discover how to bring products to market faster by helping the entire company, partners and customers seamlessly collaborate using a single source of information.

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